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In a city the size of LA, it is nearly impossible to avoid crowds. People of all colors, genders and backgrounds surround us and leave us with new questions. It is in those moments that we realize we will never gain what life has to offer from our experience alone. It’s the interactions, communication, and connection with every colleague and stranger that will allow for the richness we may seek.

Protiviti values that integration, as I have discovered from being apart of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. On The Intern Day of Service, the LA Office made room for the clashing of ethnicities by bringing an array of food. We had Korean sushi, vegetable biryani, crab fried rice, meatballs, curry, collard greens, bean dip and veggie skewers- just to name a few. We stretched food boundaries, got to know our colleague’s hidden cooking skills and simply enjoyed a delicious meal.

LA food

On the same day, we gathered in the Collaboration Space to hear some of our female Managing Directors, Directors, Senior Managers, and Managers speak. More review comments on our work?? No, not today. We heard from these leaders as friends. They spoke on the Women’s Professional Panel, a one hour session for questions and answers about women in the workplace. They told us we should be confident, outspoken and proactive, and also allow room for flexibility in our career. We should welcome challenges as they make us grow and know that a community exists to support us. They said good leaders facilitate open communication and empower their team members to think and lead.

Blog LA

I really enjoyed hearing our leaders share their insights in such an open space. Between that and the potluck of different cultures, it was a great way to bridge our personal lives with our work lives.

-Monica S
Los Angeles Senior Consultant

Bearcat Snapchat Takeover

Earlier this month, former NY Intern (and future Protiviti Consultant) Serj took over Binghamton University’s snapchat. His goal? To show Binghamton’s followers what it means to be a #ProtivitiIntern!

So what did he find?


To start, getting up and going to work everyday can be pretty fun when you work for a cool company like Protiviti and in a great city like New York!


That working with a team is one of the best ways to find a creative and efficient outcome…


.. and lunch breaks are better with music!

IMG_4452That the best part about working in consulting is the variety of projects and experiences that you gain…


..and of all of the great people you get to meet!

IMG_4454Because at a company this great, even the CEO enjoys snapping to the Binghamton Bearcats! 


Great job Serj! We can’t wait to see what your snap story looks like when you join us full time in 2017 as a #ProtivitiConsultant!

Employee Network Groups at Protiviti

Chicago Diversity Fair

Last month Protiviti’s Diversity & Inclusion team in the Chicago office hosted its first-ever D&I Employee Network Group Fair. The goal of the fair was to draw awareness to Protiviti’s various internal ENGs (Employee Network Groups).

Through various blog posts in the past we have touched on several of these different Employee Network Groups. For example, our #ProtivitiChampions series spotlighted several leaders and the internal projects that they are passionate about, but what are all of these different groups? Take a look at the information below to learn a little bit more about some of these internal groups.

  • Experienced Hire Network: The Experienced Hire Network’s mission is to help experienced hires successfully transition into Protiviti and provide them with the right resources as they start their next chapter within the firm.
  • iGROWW (The Initiative for the Growth and Retention of Women at Work): iGROWW is an employee network group providing a workplace community for female employees. It is a forum to enhance employees’ success and working environment, achieved through discussions, support and initiatives focused on the recruiting, mentoring, growth and retention of women. It encourages participation from all employees to help provide perspective, encouragement and support in this initiative.
  • Parents Network: The Parents Network is a community for working parents at Protiviti. It empowers working parents to share successes, exchange information, provide support during transitions and tackle challenges together.
  • ProLGBTA (The Protiviti Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Alliance): ProLGBTA is a grassroots effort to create an employee resource group that would provide a workplace community for LGBT employees.
  • Veterans Network: The mission of the Veteran’s Employee Network Group is to have a positive impact on the careers of employees with prior and ongoing military service. Additionally, the Veteran’s ENG seeks to improve Protiviti’s ability to attract and retain employees from this deep and unique talent pool.

Susan, Managing Director leading Diversity & Inclusion at Protiviti, emphasizes, “Our Diversity & Inclusion initiatives are designed to attract, develop, and retain the most talented and qualified professionals in the market regardless of race, disability, national origin, religion, veteran status, gender, age, sexual orientation or any other dimension of diversity. Protiviti’s high standards focus on Diversity & Inclusion in order to best serve our clients and provide a rewarding career experience for our people. As a global organization, we need a team of professionals from every market in which we operate each bringing broad experiences, unique perspectives, and diverse backgrounds to bear for our clients”.

As you head back to campus, we want to know what you are are passionate about. Is it a student organization such as Beta Alpha Psi or ALPFA? Maybe it is your fraternity/sorority, a charity with a focused cause or the small startup in your dorm room. Comment below and let us know what groups, causes, or interests are energizing you this year!

Intern Zach Talks Internship, Olympic Trials & Work/Life Balance in Action

It’s no secret that Protiviti is full of exceptionally talented people with a wide range of extracurricular interests. Whether they’re fired up about exploring Europe, writing a memoir, coaching kids’ track practice, or something else entirely, Protiviti has a way of empowering them to pursue their passions beyond (as well as through) their work.

One particularly example of our unique workforce is shown through one of our summer interns. Zach from the Pittsburgh office is a collegiate swimmer who trained for and competed in the U.S. Olympic trials during his internship here at Protiviti.

The trials, held in Omaha this past July, were actually Zach’s second. “I started swimming when I was 5, and by the time I was 11, I’d begun swimming competitively year-round,” he explained. “I made the cut to attend the 2012 Olympic trials prior to my senior year of high school, and I qualified again this year.”

You might think that training for the athletic event of a lifetime would preclude a person from pursuing a formative professional experience in parallel, but Zach – with the support of his recruiting lead, Eujin, and the entire Pittsburgh office – has pulled it off with aplomb.

“Everyone has been so supportive and accommodating throughout my time here,” Zach said. “I think they understood that this opportunity doesn’t come around very often, and I am so appreciative of that.”

Even at the Intern Challenge in Orlando, Zach found a way to squeeze in the training he needed, Ubering back and forth to train with local coaches at a nearby pool each morning.

Eujin arranged for Zach’s absence the week of the trials, allowing him to fully experience the event he’d trained so hard to attend. “It’s probably the most unique swimming experience you’ll ever have,” Zach said. “Swimming’s not usually a big spectator sport, but here you’re center stage in a massive arena full of 10,000 people. I wasn’t fortunate enough to make it to finals, but even prelims get you pretty pumped up.”

With the trials behind him and his senior year of college inching up on the horizon, Zach is thinking ahead to life after graduation.

“Between the work I’ve done, the friends I’ve made, and the flexibility I’ve been allowed, Protiviti has been such a great experience for me,” Zach said. “I don’t know if swimming will be a big aspect of my life a year from now, but it’s great to know that there are companies out there that make this kind of work/life balance possible for their employees. That will always be important for me.”

We are so proud of Zach and all he accomplished this summer. We wish him best of luck on his senior year of College!

Zach (left) pictured with his older brother at the University of Pittsburgh, where both competed as collegiate swimmers.

Zach (left) pictured with his older brother at the University of Pittsburgh, where both competed as collegiate swimmers

Protiviti Achieves Three Million Meals Milestone in our Global ‘i on Hunger’ Initiative to Feed the Hungry

IOH 3 Million Meals

According to the World Food Programme, one out of six children in developing countries (roughly 100 million) are underweight, and 12.9 percent of developing countries’ populations are undernourished. In an effort to help fight world hunger, Protiviti launched its ‘i on Hunger’ initiative. This initiative started in November 2014 with the goal of providing 1 million meals through meal-packing events and other volunteer activities. After surpassing our original goal in June 2015, we carried the momentum by hitting the 3 million meals milestone this past week! It was a colossal moment at our Chicago Consultant Challenge where 162 Protiviti volunteers partnered with non-profit Stop Hunger Now to pack 55,088 nutritious meals bound for people in need in Uganda!

Leading up to this milestone, we have conducted 204 meal-packing events, delivery, cooking and other food-related events in 55 cities stretching across 21 countries. Together with volunteers from 187 of our clients, nearly all employees have individually contributed by packing, cooking or delivering meals since the inception of the i on Hunger program. In addition to the meals just sent to Uganda, packed meals have been delivered to people in 30 other countries.

“We set out to have an impact on the fight against hunger about 20 months ago, and I could have never anticipated the level of dedication of our employees and many of our clients around the globe. I’m proud of our firm for the heart they have put behind this initiative, and the teamwork they’ve shown in providing meals for the hungry,” said Joseph Tarantino, President and CEO of Protiviti. “Three million meals is a milestone that demonstrates the passion of Protiviti people, and together, we’ll continue to fight global hunger.”

To track Protiviti’s progress in its effort supporting the underweight and undernourished, please visit: Thank you to each person that has contributed in this huge accomplishment!

Internal Auditing Around the World Includes Women’s Perspectives


Recently, Protiviti’s publication Internal Auditing Around the World  was featured in an article by Accounting Today. The article focused on our 12th edition of this annual publication and how we took a bit of a different approach. The change? In addition to a focus around technology in auditing, all 22 leaders being featured in the publication are female.

“The internal audit profession isn’t necessarily moving any faster than the rest of the business world in opening up more roles for women,” says Accounting Today author Michael Cohn. However, Protiviti has maintained a continued focus and emphasis on the importance of having a diverse workforce. With programs such as iGroww, flexible working arrangements and The Protiviti Parents’ Network, we are working hard to ensure our parents have the same success in their careers as they do at home.

The article continues on by featuring New York Protiviti Managing Director Chris W. Chris, who states, “I don’t know that it’s a pattern that’s emerging in internal audit any differently than anywhere else… In the business environment globally, that is a trend across all industries and service lines broadly. We decided to make it an area of focus this year because of the way we objectively gathered some of the best case studies we could and saw the trends this year being one where perhaps we could focus in on that as well. Clearly every diversity and inclusion report you see where folks are being audited for that, either internally or externally or by the investor groups, there is an interest and a need to see more companies look like the markets they serve. Whatever kind of diversity that implies, whether it’s gender or other, I think you’re seeing an emphasis on it because it’s an important thing to do.”.

We completely agree and look to forward to learning more about changing trends in today’s work force! To read the complete article, click here.

Peanuts, Cracker Jacks and Interns

This summer, America’s favorite past time was also our interns! With 15 different offices singing Take Me Out To The Ballgame, we found our “home run” event! Checkout the pictures below to see how a few of our offices celebrated:

Chicago Interns Cheering on The Cubs

Chicago Interns cheering on the Cubs!

The Cincinnati Interns cheering on The Reds

The Cincinnati Interns cheering on the Reds!

Boston Interns hoping for a Red Sox Victory!

Some of our Boston Interns hoping for a Red Sox Victory!

Our Denver Interns were joined by their advisors to Cheer on the Rockies

Our Denver Interns were joined by their advisors to cheer on the Rockies!

Our New York Interns proudly cheered on The Yankees!

The New York Interns proudly rooted for their Yankees!

The twins may be last in the AL Central, but they are first in the Minneapolis intern’s hearts!



The Texas heat didn’t stop the Houston interns from cheering on the Astros!


San Francisco interns cheering on the Giants!