Farewell 2017 Interns

It’s hard to believe, but this afternoon our 2017 internship program will officially come to a close. Over the past eight and a half weeks, our interns have worked, played and volunteered with incredible tenacity. Let’s take a moment to look back on this internship and see all that our 221 summer interns have accomplished.

They attended 15 baseball gamesphoenix-2017-intern-baseball-game-4_36122060306_o

..and participated in 20 D&I themed activities. Houston

Relaxed, networked and played at 135 Social Events


… while building relationships with their 588 Advisors. 


They set over 600 Goals..


…and volunteered over 2,280 hours. 


Consumed an unknown amount of coffee


…and built strong relationships with a countless number of
recruiters, mentors, project leads, support teams and Protiviti colleagues.


Thank you to each and every intern on all of your hard work this summer! We wish you the best of luck back at school this fall!


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