A Look Inside Protiviti From A Member Of Our Women’s Network

As part of our ongoing commitment to our people, Protiviti’s Diversity & Inclusion initiative is focused on attracting, developing and retaining the most talented and qualified professionals regardless of race, disability, national origin, religion, gender, age or sexual orientation. Protiviti has many Employee Network Groups, on both a local and a global scale, that support individuals across our workforce. One of these networks is the Initiative for the Growth and Retention of Women at Work (iGROWW).

iGROWW is an internal network providing a workplace community, particularly focused on our female employees.  The network is a forum to enhance employee success and the working environment through discussions focused on everything from recruiting, advising and mentorship, career growth and retention.

We recently took a moment to catch up with Sophy, an Experienced Consultant in Houston who is also a member of iGROWW.

What do you enjoy the most about being on the iGROWW Committee?

“One of the parts that I have enjoyed the most while being on the iGROWW committee is the fact that I am able to showcase my leadership skills through various tasks such as organizing a trip to the Mission of Yahweh. Another part of iGROWW that I thoroughly enjoy are the TED talks sessions that iGROWW Houston has hosted. There is always so much to learn from each session and I walk away with a new mindset each time, figuring out how I can grow more in my professional career.”

Have you faced any tough situations in your career? How did you face them?

“Throughout the course of my career I have had challenges that I have had to overcome, however, I do not necessarily look at challenges in a negative manner.  My mindset is that without these challenges, there is no room for personal growth! With that said, one of the challenges that I have come across while working is to be able to adapt to different projects in a short amount of time, which also includes adjusting to each project manager’s unique management styles and priorities. However, prioritizing being a good listener, ensuring you understand the task at hand, asking questions when necessary, and responding to inquiries or requests in a timely fashion usually helps tackle those obstacles!”

How do you maintain a work/life balance that works for you?

“Work/life balance is something that is very important to me and actually is one of the great things that I love and appreciate about Protiviti! Before starting my day, I tend to write down a list of items in order of priority and set a realistic daily goal of what I would like to accomplish before the workday is over. That helps me to maintain strong time management. Once I return home, I like to spend time with my family and friends and work out from time to time. Being able to maintain a good lifestyle at home allows me to bring positive energy into the work place each day.”

What career advice do you have for new consultants?

“I would advise new consultants to give yourself permission to just ‘try’. It is something that I have learned in my own professional experience. Before asking your senior or upper level management to weigh in, attempt to resolve the solution yourself.  Another piece of advice I would offer is to network as much as possible and to not be afraid to express any innovative ideas you may come up with!”

Sophy & some of her Houston co-workers at the zoo!

We are very thankful to have Sophy as part of our Protiviti family and as a committed member of our iGROWW program and we appreciated catching up with her as she grows her career.

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One Geek Girl’s Take on “Geek Girl Rising: Inside the Sisterhood Shaking Up Tech”

Jody-Ann is a Senior Consultant in Protiviti’s Technology Consulting practice.  She recently participated in a book club that Protiviti sponsored to read and discuss the book “Geek Girl Rising: Inside the Sisterhood Shaking Up Tech.”  Here, Jody-Ann shares her perspective on the experience.

Geek Girl Rising

It is no secret that women are phenomenal creatures who are filled with vitality and vigor. They have climbed many a ladder in order to break barriers and be trendsetters. Although the “tech” culture has caught fire for women, it remains an area which has yet to fully evolve. The book ‘Geek Girl Rising’ addresses several of the many technological disciplines within which women have sought to be trailblazers. Ranging in content from corporate leaders to entrepreneurs, financiers, techies, crusaders, coaches and work-life warriors, the book not only breaks down some of the struggles that women have faced and endured, but shows how much they have persevered to achieve their goals.

After reading the book, it was truly a privilege to participate in a webinar with one of the books Corporate Advisors, Lori Harmon. Lori , the Vice President of Global Inside Sales at Blackberry, and four Protiviti leaders joined our team in a healthy discussion on how to apply the book’s lessons within our respective careers. Our discussion was focused around three main tenets: work-life, support, and factors to being successful.

Mrs. Harmon shared several words of encouragement that I took to heart.

  • Find what you are passionate about. Once you have found your passion, work on enhancing those skill sets. Additionally, do not be afraid to ask for help. You will never know everything. Lastly, seize all opportunities that given to you, even those that are outside of your comfort zone.
  • Understand your company’s support structure. Seek mentors within and outside of your company. Your mentors do not have to be your direct supervisors. Follow-up with the contacts you make. Understand your personal/home structure. Communicate, communicate, and lastly, communicate.
  • Do not be afraid of failure. Have heart, hustle, and passion. Stop trying to be all things to all people. Be a mentor to others. The best leaders are the best followers.

After reading the title of the book, I must admit that I was a bit skeptical. I was concerned that this was just another book that would point out issues without a means to resolve them. After completing the book and participating in the webinar, I was truly impressed by the courage that each of these women demonstrated, despite all the odds stacked against them. It gave me hope that life within this tech journey is well worth the risk. To Mrs. Harmon and the other “Geek Girls” who were inspired to share their stories — thank you!

— Jody-Ann

Words of Advice for Our Newest Graduates!

As I sat in my youngest sister’s graduation ceremony this past weekend, with my bouncing 3 year old in my lap, I had time to reflect on the advice that I would give both to her and to the class of 2017.

  • Work smarter. There is no trade off for hard work. But you must also set specific goals and then go after them at 110%. Focus on results, not just the hours you are putting in. At the end of the day, people won’t remember the hours your worked. They will remember what you achieved.
  • Live within your means. Set a budget that includes saving as much as you possibly can and then a little more. Put away the maximum contribution to your 401k, starting with your very first paycheck. You can’t miss what you never had. Get a credit card that pays you back. Pay it off every month. If that means you eat plain pasta with butter and cheese for a few days at the end of the month, so be it. When you are trying to buy your first house in a few years, you will be happy you maintained a strong credit score and put away a nest egg for that down payment and future retirement.
  • Travel. See the world. Enjoy the adventure. Travel opens your mind to new ideas and gives you an appreciation for all the many differences in our world. Immerse yourself in new cultures and bring your favorite part back to your own life at home.
  • If something is not working, change it. Every year I ask myself if I am happy doing the work I am doing. Do I have the learning experiences I need and want? Am I fairly compensated? Do I enjoy the people I work with? Do I feel challenged? Do I feel supported? If I answer no to any of the above, I seek a change. Luckily I have been able to make these changes within Protiviti as we have grown and expanded over the last 15 years. But, it is ok to look outside your current company too – and you should. When you make a decision to stay, you are that much happier because of it; and when you make a decision to go, be sure to join the alumni network as you just never know when you might come back.
  • Take time for you. Exercise daily. Get fresh air. Take walking meetings. Do the things you love – run, walk the San Francisco hills, spin, practice yoga; but definitely do something to get your heart rate up and sweat each day. It clears your brain and keeps you healthy, one step at a time.
  • Take time for your friends and family. Get to know your coworkers. Laugh together. Cry together. Build your tribe and maintain those relationships along your career journey.
  • Give back to others. Find your passion and support it. Recruit others to join you. Whether it’s hunger or education or curing cancer or other, find a cause and support it. This world is a better place because we support each other through all of life’s ups and downs.

To our Protiviti new hires, I can’t wait to see you this summer!  Enjoy your graduation and this special time celebrating with family and friends. We’ll see you in a few short months!

Pictured above is Elaine with her youngest sister Melinda at this past weekend’s graduation ceremony


Elaine Poucher
Director, Talent Acquisition

8 Easy Tips for Success for Every Millennial & Gen Z


As campus recruiter, I often hear the question from students: “What qualities do you think make for a successful entry-level candidate?”. While I’m certain answers differ from industry to industry in regards to specific skillsets, the below qualities are indisputably important. Often times the qualities that cannot necessarily be taught or measured are some of the most important. So what are some things that you can pay mind to that can make you wildly successful and that EVERY Millennial and Gen Z is capable of? I’ve compiled a list of 8 things you can do every day that will fuel success.

1.) Early = On Time – You’ve heard the phrase, ‘five minutes early is on time and on time is late’. In a society where time is money, be conscious of being on time and planning ahead for the unknown. Map your day out the evening prior and know where you need to be and when you need to leave to get there. Heck, set an alarm to remind you to leave if you need to! How you get there does not matter to who you are meeting with but being on time certainly will.

2.) Manage your Schedule – Take a few extra minutes to think through your day, your week, your month and time manage yourself. Prioritize and delegate where you see opportunities – it’s a true art and an important skill to possess! Understand deadlines and execute appropriately. These are key to being successful in your role!

3.) Be a Presence– You may not always be the lead at a meeting, on a project, etc. but being present means staying actively engaged and taking notes. Eyes, ears, body language. Leave the cell phones on silent, stop watching the clock and multi-tasking, and truly focus on the topic and meeting at hand. This will eliminate back and forth later on and you’ll begin to notice you are getting more out of your time without the side distractions!

4.) Go the Extra Mile – Think outside the box and be creative! How can you take what you were asked to do and make it better? Taking the time to go above and beyond will not only get you noticed by your managers, co-workers and clients, but it will also give new meaning to the work you are doing. Get yourself recognized by creating an experience that is exceptional!

5.) Ask Questions – I can’t stress this enough! Avoid having to re-do a project by asking questions that will help you to identify a stronger sense of what is expected. Often times, being vocal and inquiring can also help those around you to approach a topic with a different view.

6.) Listen and Observe – Actively, to everything. Watch your leadership, your managers, your clients and take notes on everything the positive and the negative, and use this to build YOUR professional brand.

7.) Be Flexible – Inevitably, things aren’t always going to go the way they were planned. How you choose to respond to change is a sign of character. Be flexible, stay positive, and react accordingly.

8.) Smile! Be Positive – Nobody enjoys being around negativity! Be the person that views difficult times as an opportunity to grow. Be the voice of reason for your teammates. Staying positive will result in gained respect and a stress-free environment. Show us those pearly whites!

— Cait Kelly
U.S. Campus Recruiting Specialist


Cait has been with Protiviti for over 3 years. She sits in our Philadelphia office and leads our campus recruiting efforts at The University of Delaware, ​Drexel University, ​Howard University, James Madison University, St. Joseph’s University, Temple University, UNC-Chapel Hill, The University of Maryland, ​Virginia Tech, and ​Wake Forest University. 

A Career in Consulting

For many, graduation is a scary time filled with a lot of uncertainty. How can anyone possibly know what they want to do for the rest of their life based on a college major chosen at 18 or 19 years old?

As a technology consultant who spends time at campus recruiting events and consistently mentors new-hires and interns, I’m frequently discussing why I chose to begin my career in consulting and why I believe consulting is a great route to take. Now in the final months of my 3rd year, I can confidently say these are key benefits of consulting for recent graduates:

1) Experience and Variety

In my short career, I have worked on more than 50 projects for close to 20 clients across many major industries: financial, insurance, retail, health, etc. I’ve worked with people at all levels within an organization from executive level meetings with CEOs, CIOs, and CISOs to technical discussions with Engineers and Analysts. Every project is an opportunity to improve or learn something new. The knowledge and experience gained in consulting will continue to serve you well as you progress throughout your professional career.

2) Education

Consulting companies strongly encourage learning and development. As a consultant, you are your company’s “product”. Clients are paying for your time, knowledge, and expertise in order to fulfill a need or to solve a problem. By growing your knowledge base through attending conferences, completing trainings, and earning professional certifications and graduate degrees, you are in turn strengthening the company’s “product”. However, these trainings, certifications, and degrees, as well as all of the experience from #1, not only help your company, they help grow your own personal brand as well.

3) Networking

Personal and professional relationships enable you to stand out. However, expanding your personal and professional networks becomes increasingly difficult after graduation. As a consultant, you are constantly working with different clients and different members of your own firm. Each project is an opportunity to develop relationships with your clients and team members. Professionally speaking, the more networking and relationship building you can do early on, the better off you will be later on in your career.

Consulting also helps grow your personal network. Let’s face it, once you leave school behind, how often are you in a room filled with people in the same stage of life as you? Consulting companies tend to hire a lot of recent graduates every year. As a consultant, you can be working and collaborating with peers in the same stages of life as you, which makes it much easier to make new friends.

In Conclusion

Now, I am not saying consulting is all sunshine and roses. Consulting is a demanding line of work that really pushes you. But, if you are willing to invest the time and effort, have an open mind, and view the various challenges as learning opportunities, consulting can be very rewarding and a great way to start your career.

–Ryan Bradbury
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Ryan is a Information Security & Privacy Management Senior Consultant at Protiviti. He interned at Protiviti in 2013 and began working full time in 2014 after graduating from Temple University with a degree in Information Science and Technology.


Protiviti Summer Leadership Conference

Each summer, Protiviti hosts our annual Summer Leadership Conference (SLC). The SLC is a one-day program that takes place in select Protiviti offices over the summer. During the conference, participants will have the opportunity to learn about Protiviti and a consulting career, as well as develop professional leadership skills. Participants will interact with Protiviti consultants at multiple levels, take part in a variety of team building activities and gain a better understanding of a “day in the life” of a consultant. As part of the conference, participants will also have the opportunity to interview for a Protiviti internship!

This summer we will be hosting conferences in our Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Orlando, Los Angeles, and San Francisco offices. The program and is open to college students who are interested in learning more about a career in consulting and have a final graduation date between December 2018 – August 2019.

But what is the point of a Summer Leadership Conference? We asked former SLC attendee turned Bay Area Consultant Kimberly just that!

Kimberly T, San Francisco Internal Audit & Financial Advisory Consultant
  • Where did you go to college? “I graduated from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration”
  • What has been your Protiviti journey? “For me, my dream to work at Protiviti actually began before the SLC! During my freshman year, I met Tu, a Recruiting Manager, at a Meet the Firms event on campus. She took my interest to heart and helped coordinate a few meetings with current consultants and managers. I attended the SLC in San Francisco during the summer before my junior year. I learned about the Risk & Compliance solution and how Protiviti operates as a firm. That next semester, while I was studying abroad, I visited the Protiviti Singapore office where I had the chance to have dinner and hang out with a group of consultants and managers. It is one of my most cherished memories. The following summer I interned in Protiviti’s Los Angeles office and then started full time in Spring 2016!”

    Pictured above is Kimberly (bottom right) with several of our Singapore employees after they “escaped the room”
  • Why did you choose Protiviti? “I chose Protiviti because I truly felt a connection to the people who work here. The work is unique and we always seek to be better than we were the day before. From my SLC to the internship, I learned a lot about what being a consultant at Protiviti means. I was actively provided both positive and constructive feedback throughout each of my projects, which was very helpful in ensuring that I had the opportunity to continuously improve. During my internship I had the opportunity to travel to Denver for a two-week engagement and I thought it was amazing that Protiviti really considered my interest in traveling as a part of my career. Having had the chance to meet so many people in different locations, I felt that the company culture was true to its word and that the work is engaging and challenging. By the end of my internship, it was a simple choice on where I wanted to start my career and I couldn’t be happier with my decision!”

    Intern Kimberly during the annual #InternDayOfService
  • Any advice you would give sophomores considering the SLC? “Keep in contact with anyone you know in Protiviti. Email your contacts at least once every other month and update them with your progress in school. Touch base on any interesting projects, presentations, topics that you are learning or recent industry developments. Building and developing relationships is so important! Also considering doing research on Protiviti so you can learn about the services we provide, as well as how our culture shapes our company. Finally, be yourself! Your personality, energy, and drive matters just as much as your technical abilities.”

If you are a current sophomore or know a current sophomore who might be interested in attending a Protiviti Summer Leadership Conference please contact Kristen Ginger at kristen.ginger@protiviti.com for more information. Applications are due on March 31, 2017!

Signing Day for Cesar #GoingPRO

Protiviti recruit Cesar, seated, with wife Ashley (left) and Professor Tara Blasor (right)

Earlier this week we talked about the #GoingPRO campaign that we are running this fall to commemorate the moment that each recruit accepts his or her offer to join our team.  One such recruit is Cesar, who held a signing party to celebrate the signing of his Protiviti offer letter.

Cesar, a student at Texas A&M University, will be starting in our Denver office when he graduates.  Here, he is pictured with two very important supporters of his decision: his wife, Ashley, and Accounting professor Tara Blasor, for whom he is a teaching assistant.  “I wanted to get Ashley in the picture as part of the Protiviti family,” explains Cesar, “because we’re a team.  What I join, she joins, and vice versa.”

As for his professor’s presence on Signing Day, Cesar credits Professor Blasor with encouraging him to pursue Accounting and Management Information Systems. “She’s also a big reason as to my pursuit of Protiviti in the first place,” shares Cesar, “and I couldn’t have been happier with the decision, so I wanted to include her as part of the signing team.”

Congratulations to Cesar and to all our campus recruits who are #GoingPRO.  Who do YOU involve in your big life decisions?  Who would YOU have by your side on Signing Day?



Gig ’em Aggies!  Cesar is #GoingPRO