#proPRIDE Spotlight — Anneke Wieling

We continue our summer proPRIDE series in which we are spotlighting various members of Protiviti’s internal proPRIDE employee networking group and their diverse perspectives. Next up in the series is our Country Market Leader for the Netherlands, Anneke Wieling!

Anneke 1

Anneke is a Managing Director in our Amsterdam office.

  • What is your background and path to Protiviti? “I started my career in 1991 as a financial auditor in Arthur Andersen, and after 5 years left to become a controller in a processed cheese factory.  I became plant manager of that factory, worked at Shell, and then started as a business consultant in Business Performance Improvement and Restructuring for KPMG.  We then started Protiviti in the Netherlands, in 2005, with a group of 8 people, and in 2011 I became the Country Market Lead for the Netherlands.”
  • What inspired you to support diversity and LGBTQIA+ initiatives? “Ever since I was a child I supported Amnesty International, and I am a strong believer in equal rights to everyone. Living in and around Amsterdam, you meet all types of people, and they all add to the beauty of life in their own way, and that should be the starting point for everything. As a woman, I know how it feels to be the minority in business, and I believe that we should be a company which stimulates all individuals to be who they want to be, as society should. Lately there have been some incidents in our country which were the result of less tolerance towards gay people, and that made me decide to become a sponsor of the initiative within Protiviti.”
  • What advice would you give to individuals at Protiviti who may not feel that same confidence in their professional lives? “Be open on your doubts, and ask for advice and coaching.  All our managers and directors are willing to help. I think the Protiviti culture is one of support and inclusion, and I really believe in that as a key factor for our success.”

Anneke diving on a recent  holiday with her family.

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ProPRIDE Spotlight: Patrick Luong

Last month our Executive Lead of proPRIDE shared his perspective on Pride Month and the importance of an inclusive workforce. He kicked off our summer proPRIDE series in which we are spotlighting various members of Protiviti’s internal proPRIDE employee group and their unique perspectives. Next up in the series is New York Manager and co-founder of proPRIDE, Patrick!


Outside of work, Patrick loves to travel! He is pictured above in Bali, Indonesia.

  • What is your background and path to Protiviti? “I was recruited during my penultimate semester at the University of Oklahoma. I majored in Finance and Accounting with a minor in MIS. I started at Protiviti as an Internal Audit Financial Advisory consultant on the technology side. I then went on to spend a year and a half in the same solution but on the Process side. I ultimately switched in to Business Performance Improvement. I love the flexibility this firm has afforded me!”
  • How have you been involved with the LGBTQIA+ community within Protiviti and in your personal life? “As co-founder and Chair of proPRIDE, I have been working with the proPRIDE Board and local chapter co-leads from the beginning. I help plan and implement initiatives such as AIDS Walks and achieving 100% on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index (CEI). Personally, I try to remember the challenges I faced and try my best to pass on the lessons I learned to the LGBTQIA+ individuals I come across when appropriate.”
  • Tell me a story of how you overcame an obstacle due to being LGBTQIA+ and how it has contributed to success in your career? “Being raised with Confucian values, I was taught to seek harmony as much as possible. Although this helped in a lot of areas, it was counterproductive to creating change; because change by definition is disruptive and disharmonious. Seeing that we didn’t have an LGBTQIA+ organization at Protiviti and envisioning how much value and validation that would create for others, I asked the firm for protocols on starting a new employee network group. Working closely with Philip Maziarz, proPRIDE Executive Champion, and David Black, proPRIDE Co-Founder/Vice Chair, we successfully applied for and started proPRIDE in May 2014. I think this experience has greatly shaped and strengthened my professional voice and courage.”
  • What advice would you give to individuals at Protiviti who may not feel that same confidence in their professional lives? “Take your time. We all move at a different pace. There is no right or wrong speed as we all have our different number of internal toll gates to pass through before we are ready to be our full authentic selves.”

Continue following along and join the conversation using the hashtag #proPRIDE. Stay tuned as we continue spotlighting additional #proPRIDE members and some of the dynamic things this group is doing!

ProPRIDE Spotlight: Peter Richardson

Last week our Executive Lead of proPRIDE shared his perspective on Pride Month and the importance of an inclusive workforce. As he mentioned, we will be spotlighting various members of the proPRIDE group throughout the summer and their unique perspectives. Kicking us off is UK Managing Director, Peter Richardson!

  • What is your background and path to Protiviti? I am a Manchester lad from a working class family.  My grandfather was a lathe operator and my dad was a bookkeeper in a small local business.  I studied Modern Languages at University and my first job was in ‘Overseas Marketing’ for a reinsurance company. After 5 years there and at the tender age of 27, I moved into consulting. I ran teams that operated in insurance in the Financial Services sector at PwC, EDS, and Atos.  I came to Protiviti with a small team from Atos because we were all certain that our industry expertise combined with regulatory and risk management capability is essential in Financial Service.  We were all also attracted by Protiviti’s inclusive, collaborative and diverse culture. Being change management professionals, we all understood what important components of the dynamics for a successful team they are.
  • What inspired you to support diversity and LGBTQIA+ initiatives? Common sense!  As the United Kingdom country market leader, I always ask our people to take along a colleague that is different from you to a meeting. What I mean is, bring someone who has a different technical background, another role or level in the company, a different angle on the question or way of engaging; someone who will hear and see things differently and get another perspective on the situation; someone with whom the client may develop a different type of rapport.  That is the power of diversity and we have a huge opportunity to play to those strengths in Protiviti. It just makes sense!  And by the way, from a personal perspective, I feel exactly the same way!  Being a linguist, and traveler, I have always been in touch with multiple cultures, languages and styles and I feel that I have benefited hugely from this.
  • What advice would you give to individuals at Protiviti who may not feel that same confidence in their professional lives? I would say first, our culture at Protiviti is truly inclusive, collaborative and diverse.  “Door Open” means exactly that, so do feel free to walk through and chat.  I would give the same advice that my baby sister gives me whenever I go to her with a problem (which by the way I still do!):  Baby steps! Look around you and see the environment around you, choose the direction you want to go and take the first small step, and eventually the second one will follow.
  • What is your favorite fast food restaurant? The one I frequent most is probably Pure, and when we were in Trafalgar Square, it was Crussh (do they count?) – Common factor connecting the two is proximity to the office!


Pictured above is Peter with his first granddaughter, Anna.


Celebrating Pride Month

Pride month is more than just a celebration; it is an opportunity to create awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues in our communities and to build allies. At Protiviti we continue to strive to create a diverse and inclusive company culture. We celebrate our differences and aim to depict the full breadth of the human experience, both inside the walls of our offices, with our clients, and in our local communities. For generations, the LGBTQIA+ community have helped to shape and strengthen the diverse fabric of the world. They have waged a courageous fight for dignity and respect and as a result, built a more diverse and tolerant society. I am proud that Protiviti has joined the LGBTQIA+ community in celebrating Pride Month in June and the remarkable progress that has been made in the areas of social justice and equal rights.

Here is a list of events, activities, and changes taking place in the month of June and coming months at Protiviti:

  • We have shared ribbons with all US and global offices that have expressed interest to support LGBTQIA+ community as well as to celebrate Pride Month.
  • We have rebranded from proLGBTA to ProPride to be more inclusive and align with our international LGBTQIA+ initiatives.  The new logo is shown here.
  • We will have six bi-weekly spotlights/blog posts here on this blog that feature our LGBTQIA+ and ally professionals from around the world.
  • We are hosting events for Pride in the City with theme of “Face the Future with Confidence” in London (London LGBTQIA+ and ally networking event created by Protiviti – UK).  The date for this event is September 13th.
  • We are joining Robert Half as a sponsor of the Out & Equal conference and sending a contingency the event in Philadelphia in October.
  • We are partnering with Robert Half to submit our response HRC’s Corporate Equality Index.  Last year Robert Half and Protiviti received a perfect score of 100!

Celebrating one’s identity is a year-long process that goes beyond the Pride Month. Protiviti’s continued support in June and throughout the year reflects the firm’s long-term commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community.


— Philip Maziarz 
New York Managing Director


Celebrating Pride Month

In honor of Pride Month, which is the month of June, Protiviti offices will host events to show our support for the LGBTQ community. Kicking us off, is our Salt Lake City office!

This past Friday, our Salt Lake City office kicked off Pride Month by hosting a Pride Party! The party was very timely as May 31st to June 4th is Utah Pride weekend, which includes a festival and parade in the streets of downtown Salt Lake. The local Protiviti Diversity and Inclusion committee planned this event to recognize the exciting statewide occasion and bring LGBTQ awareness to our office community.

At the Pride Party, a history board was created and displayed to show the office how far the LGBTQ civil rights fight has come and what work is still left to accomplish.

Did you know, each color on the rainbow flag has a specific meaning? Red: life, orange: healing, yellow: sunlight, green: nature, blue: peace/harmony, and purple: spirit.

The Salt Lake Pride Party is the first of many events planned at Protiviti this month and throughout the rest of 2017. Over the course of the next few months, we will be highlighting some of these different events and introducing you to some of our #PROpride teammates. These spotlights align with our strategic cornerstone of having a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Last month, Dallas Senior Consultant Jonathan Tellez had the opportunity to represent Protiviti at the inaugural Corporate Equality Index Awards. This awards ceremony was meant to honor the firms that received a perfect score of 100% on the 2017 Corporate Equality Index (CEI). Efforts put forth by Protiviti in 2016 contributed to our parent company, Robert Half International, receiving a perfect score.

Pictured above Jonathan Tellez, Protiviti Senior Consultant; Ranelle Dunnam, RHI Diversity & Inclusion Senior Manager; and Trey Easter, Protiviti Senior Consultant at the 2017 CEI Awards Ceremony

Jonathan has this to say about the event, “I am honored and humbled to be part of a company that not only strives for equality, but represents part of the companies leading the nationwide movement for LGBTQ equality.” He continued, “Receiving a 100% on the Corporate Equality Index from the Human Rights Campaign is evidence of Protiviti and Robert Half leadership’s hard work and dedication to LGBTQ equality”.

The various events planned this year continuously supports our goal of getting another perfect CEI score. We hope you enjoy the updates to follow and learn from our future Pride blogs to come and remember, love has no labels!

— Alex McBride
Campus Recruiting Coordinator

Denver Hosts 2nd Annual Women in Leadership Panel

As the Second Annual Women in Leadership event commenced in Denver, so did the rain. But then again, such is the weather in Denver. One minute it rains, and the next the sun is shining once more.


As we waited for the sun to reemerge, organizers kept busy, preparing gift bags, names tags and last minute checks before the guests arrived.Friends, co-workers, clients and new faces; all came in one-by-one. As greetings were exchanged, you could feel the excitement and curiosity in the air.


Our Moderator, Denver Associate Director Leanne, kicked off the event with introductions and an open invitation to the guests to feel free to participate with questions and comments throughout the event. This year’s event panelists included Pamela Glick, the Chief Executive Officer for SynchHR, Katie Scherping, Chief Financial Officer for National CineMedia, Serene Smith, Senior Vice President of Financial Planning & Business Analytics at RE/MAX and Protiviti’s own Managing Director and Executive Team Member, Susan Haseley.

From left to right: Leanne Duran, Serene Smith, Katie Scherping, Pamela Glick, Susan Haseley

Topics addressed included work-life integration, having the right support group and setting priorities. Even a few inspirational books were mentioned!

To shake things up a bit, lightning round questions between topics helped us get to know our panelists. Questions such as “If you described your day with a traffic sign, what would it be?” with the responses “Moose Crossing” brought laughter from both the audience and the panelists themselves.

Protiviti Consultant Brooke was impressed that each Panelist embraced the strengths of being a women. Brooke said, “No comments were made about what changes should one make to be successful; it was all about focusing on the inherent strengths of women and what additional/unique value women in leadership bring to the table.” She continued by saying  “It was very empowering. My overall takeaway was to get outside my comfort zone, embrace my strengths, and communicate what I want from my career.”

As I listened and took notes, one constant thought stood out: To succeed, one must have a personal plan, set the right priorities, and have an open communication with family, as well as Management, related to what one wants to achieve.

As the event came to an end, the panelists took the opportunity to turn the tables on our moderator and asked her a few lighting-round questions. After the event, guests and panelists had the opportunity to mingle, relax and enjoy further discussions over drinks and appetizers.

All in all, the Second Annual Denver Women in Leadership event was a great success. I look forward to seeing what our third year will bring.

— Raluca Oniu
Denver Senior Consultant

Bring Your Child To Work Day!

It was an exciting day in a collection of our Protiviti offices where we hosted Bring Your Child to Work Day events.  Our youngest future consultants joined us for a morning of education, training and fun!

In New York, we kicked off the day with story time from Managing Director, Carol Raimo…

…then helped pack meals for those in need!

In Chicago, we learned about teamwork…

..but not before taking professional photos for our work profiles.

In Los Angeles, we learned to get creative….

..and had important business meetings.

All in all, it was a very successful special day! For a complete recap of the day visit our Facebook Page or watch the video below!