What Does Living Protiviti Mean To Me?

Living Protiviti is a professional lifestyle that incurs client-centric relationships, exceptional development potential, meaningful experiences, and endless opportunities. Living Protiviti creates the ability for an individual to pursue their career path the way that they want to, and create relationships that could last a lifetime. In the short amount of time that I have been with Protiviti, I have already experienced a positive impact from Living Protiviti. I truly believe that by Living Protiviti I am engaging myself into a culture that will allow me to maximize my own potential. Protiviti has inspired me to follow my aspirations and parallel my career with values that align with my own.

By Living Protiviti, I am surrounding myself with individuals who are invested in success and development. I have been granted opportunities that have helped me excel as a professional, and this is just the beginning. The people I work with have challenged me to new heights be giving me autonomy, resources, and opportunities that allow me to have an impact in various ways. The support and mentoring that I have received from my peers has been exceptional to the extent where I am confident that Protiviti is the ideal career choice for me. Furthermore, I have been able to nurture relationships that will positively influence my career. From the get-go, I was exposed to people from a wide array of backgrounds, offices, and skill sets. By Living Protiviti, I am able to be a part of a diverse workplace that creates endless networking opportunities. Protiviti has allowed me to give back to the community in different ways such as i On Hunger events, volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house, and more. Living Protiviti encourages me to be a part of a company that incorporates meaningful values into their everyday culture.

Overall, I have had an amazing experience at Protiviti and I am more than happy for pursuing this opportunity. From the promises to our people to the promises to our clients, I have found a company that I can count on to help me mold an exceptional career. Living Protiviti is a professional lifestyle that I definitely want to invest in. I couldn’t appreciate this opportunity more, and I’m doing whatever I can to make the most out of it. Ultimately, I’m excited to potentially be a part of a company that cares about its people, its clients, and a values-based culture that lays the foundation for success.


— Dylan D.
Former Indianapolis Intern, Future Indianapolis Consultant

Farewell 2017 Interns

It’s hard to believe, but this afternoon our 2017 internship program will officially come to a close. Over the past eight and a half weeks, our interns have worked, played and volunteered with incredible tenacity. Let’s take a moment to look back on this internship and see all that our 221 summer interns have accomplished.

They attended 15 baseball gamesphoenix-2017-intern-baseball-game-4_36122060306_o

..and participated in 20 D&I themed activities. Houston

Relaxed, networked and played at 135 Social Events


… while building relationships with their 588 Advisors. 


They set over 600 Goals..


…and volunteered over 2,280 hours. 


Consumed an unknown amount of coffee


…and built strong relationships with a countless number of
recruiters, mentors, project leads, support teams and Protiviti colleagues.


Thank you to each and every intern on all of your hard work this summer! We wish you the best of luck back at school this fall!


My Summer As A #ProtivitiIntern

During their final week here at Protiviti, we asked a few of our interns what their summer has been like. From client work to social events and formal mentoring to community involvement, they have packed a lot of experiences into the past 8 1/2 weeks.

Here is what a few interns had to say…


Addy Professional
“Business in the front, party in the back.”

Charlotte, North Carolina
College/University: Howard University
Degree:  Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance
Protiviti Solution: Risk and Compliance
This summer I worked on a production project for a regional bank completing anti-money laundering (AML) case investigations. While most of my fellow interns were placed on two different projects, I remained on the same project for the duration of the summer. I valued the ability to focus on one subject area and build a strong relationship with my team. I gained a breadth of knowledge about AML regulations and completed tasks that made a difference for the client.

What stood out to me from my experience with my project team was the amount of feedback that I received. In addition to receiving consistent and detailed feedback on my work, my manager and the consultants I worked with were always willing to sit down with me and address any questions or concerns that I had as it related to project work and professional development. Additionally, my manager provided me with the opportunity to assist him on a number of internal initiatives. I asked to be challenged, and the work that I was provided allowed me to expand my knowledge about the internal adjustments that Protiviti is making in order to fuel growth.

My advisors were also one of the highlights of my summer. My peer advisor, career advisor, and executive advisor have been instrumental in helping me to form my goals for the summer and connecting me with the individuals necessary to meet my goals and expand my network. During the recruiting process, I noted that the culture at Protiviti seemed to be very vibrant, and that same vibrancy extended into the summer.

In addition to my assigned advisors, the culture in the Charlotte office has allowed me to benefit from a number of informal advisors. Over the summer I’ve conducted a few informational interviews with consultants and managers about their past project experiences. Additionally, I used those opportunities to gather career advice and build relationships with people in the office outside of my project team. This summer, I fulfilled all of my goals and was awarded opportunities to explore all of my interests. I can’t thank my office enough.



Freddy Ishare“Exciting cities, clients, people, opportunities”

Frankfurt, Germany
College/University:  Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim
Degree:  International Management for Business and Information Technology, Bachelor of Science
Protiviti Solution: Internal Audit Financial Advisory – Technology

My internship here in London might be a bit different from the experience of my colleagues in the U.S. I transferred from the German office in Frankfurt, where I was working as a trainee in the IT audit team the past three years. In Germany we have a program called Dual Studies, which allows students to split their time between working at a company and taking regular university classes. Between my last finals in June and starting as a consultant in October, I wanted to experience working abroad and approached the team in the UK. They were happy to accommodate and allowed me to intern in London for 10 weeks over the summer.

During the first two weeks in London I got to know my British colleagues by participating in social events such as the Protiviti Pub Quiz and assisting in creating several proposals for a local client. The first project was an IT Security Audit for a digital financial service provider. I was responsible for creating the work program, carrying out the fieldwork at the client’s site and identifying any gaps as well as recommending mitigating actions. Together with the engagement manager we discussed the findings to the project sponsor, who was very pleased with the outcome of the project.

My second project, which I am working on right now, is an IT SOX Control Testing project for a building materials company.  I am testing approximately 45 IT general and application controls for 12 in-scope applications. What I like about this project is, that I can completely self-manage the entire testing, liaise with the client to meet and exceed their expectations and find custom solutions for unique problems. This is possible not only due to my experience from past SOX engagements over the past three years in Germany, but also because the engagement manager for this project gives me the space to work by myself while always being available in case of questions or issues.

I am learning and benefiting a lot from this internship in the UK. Not only am I expanding my knowledge and skills around IT audit and SOX related work, but I am also fortunate to meet Protiviti colleagues from around the globe who are working in London for a couple of years. It’s truly inspiring to hear their stories and see what opportunities Protiviti has for their people to work in other countries. I am hoping to maintain the relationships with the people I have met here, but I am certain that I will see a lot of faces again, either during a challenge school or 0n a globally collaborative project.

In my opinion, the London office is an absolutely great place to be for the summer. They have exciting projects, lovely pubs and the option to do some sightseeing and exploring on the weekends.


Clayton Professional “I really, really love acronyms!”

St. Louis, Missouri
College/University: Washington University in St. Louis 
Degree:  Systems Engineering, Minor in Operations & Supply Chain Management
Protiviti Solution: Technology Consulting

When I started my internship at Protiviti in the St. Louis office, I did not expect to spend less than 7 days total in the actual St. Louis office itself! I was shocked that on my very first day I hopped on a plane to Chicago for a week of client work. That ended up being pretty indicative of my entire summer. As a person who is always looking for ways to add variety to my schedule, I loved how much I was able to do, see and travel during my 7 weeks with Protiviti. The client work was engaging and insightful, as I was able to learn from consultants, managers and directors who seem to have endless knowledge on whatever subject you might ask them about. I can’t count the number of times I scribbled an acronym followed by a thousand question marks during conference calls, but my team was always there to explain them and teach me the business context of everything I heard. Overall, I believe my internship at Protiviti has prepared me for whatever my future wants to throw at me in my professional life and in my interactions with others.




“Promotes holistic development in a supportive environment”

New York, New York
College/University: Binghamton University
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Concentration in Finance
Protiviti Solution: Risk and Compliance
Before starting this internship, I thought that I would have someone assigning me daily tasks and guiding me to complete those tasks. However, to my surprise, it was nothing like what I expected. My project managers fully entrusted me with the assignments and I was given the autonomy to complete the tasks in the most conventional way. I was also given the opportunity to work and collaborate with colleagues from other Protiviti offices. My first project was an internal initiative around agile risk management and my second was on the assessment and mapping of a virtual money transaction monitoring and filtering programs.

Outside of the client, the environment in the office is very supportive. I was given three advisors, all of whom are very approachable and friendly! They are very generous with their advice on how to succeed in the internship as well as how I can achieve my goals for the summer. Everyone in the office, from seniors to managers, and managers to managing directors, are very welcoming and helpful.

Although the past 8 weeks have gone by at a blink of an eye, the internship program has provided an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Confidence is one of the traits that I often struggled with.  However, the past 8 weeks has given me the opportunity to work on my weakness. I realized the importance of being a confident individual and how it goes a long way in the consulting industry. From the projects I worked on and the various networking events that I participated in, I have become more confident in myself and with my deliverables.

A Focus On Diversity and Inclusion

One of our key strategic cornerstones is to ensure that Protiviti is a place with the best people and culture. An important part of making that cornerstone a reality is a focus on Diversity and Inclusion. This focus is evident throughout our entire firm in both our formal processes and the natural ways in which we operate. In the spirit of this, many offices across the US put together different D&I events for our interns. Take a look at these photos to see how our teams celebrated and learned more about one another over the course of the summer.

In Charlotte, Atlanta, Orlando and Houston, our offices got together for a potluck meal. Team members brought a dish that represented their background to share with the group.


Our St. Louis office visited the Missouri History Museum to learn about the Civil Rights Movement.


New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Sydney hosted panel discussions with lively conversation.


In San Francisco and Seattle, a cooking class helped showcase different types of food from around the globe.


Tampa and Boston hosted lunch and learns while our Dallas office got together for a special dinner.


In Phoenix and Houston, our ladies got together for iGROWW events. They invited a guest speaker to come in and discuss the power of first impressions along with a fashion show.


Washington DC and Charlotte had creative iGROWW events that involved a little artistic creativity.

Mix 4


#ProtivitiIntern Client Work Experience

It is probably evident by now that Protiviti interns pack a lot into just a few short weeks. And while you may hear a lot about fun group activities, the Intern Day of Service and the Intern Challenge, our interns don’t just play hard, they work hard too.

No matter where our interns reside, they all experience first-hand what it’s like to work on a client project. They travel to client sites, participate in client calls and do plenty of hands-on client work. We asked a few of our interns to share their client experiences with us – check them out below!

Lauren K Professional

Office: Chicago
College/University: DePaul University
Degree: Finance; minor in Spanish
Protiviti Solution: Internal Audit Financial Advisory Process

My client work this summer has been nothing short of rewarding! My first client was a manufacturing company where we performed interim testing for various controls in inventory, plant, property and equipment.

For the past two weeks I have had the opportunity to work at another manufacturing company where I have been fortunate enough to travel to several of their locations around the country.  From the East Coast to the West Coast, I have visited 5 different locations where we have been doing walkthroughs of 14 different controls. We are also validating that the company is implementing the controls and mitigating risks to the best of their abilities.

My projects have definitely challenged me in ways that I could have never imagined but it has been a great learning experience. Over the past several weeks, I have learned how to organize my tasks so they can be completed to the best of my ability and in a timely manner. I really appreciate that I am being given the work of a second year consultant because it allows me to imagine what a career at Protiviti would look like. Overall, I am excited to see where the rest of the internship takes me!



Kate C Professional
Office: Salt Lake City
College/University: Brigham Young University
Degree: Bachelor of Science Information Systems
Protiviti Solution: Internal Audit Financial Advisory – Technology

Over the course of my internship, I was able to work on two different projects at a Financial Services client. Walking into the client on that first day was a little frightening. I didn’t know anyone on the Protiviti team, and naturally I was a little nervous. Since the client’s building utilizes badge access to navigate the halls, I had to wait in the lobby for someone to come get me. As soon as I saw one of my team members, I was instantly relaxed. Their friendly demeanor left me with nothing to worry about.

The work that I did for these projects was vastly different. An enterprise resource planning project helped me experience project management, user acceptance testing, and design elements while a Sarbanes Oxley project gave me a hands-on experience in refresh testing. I honestly enjoyed working for one client from two different angles because I was able to see the inner workings of the company. I got to know my client and established a relationship with them.

I am extremely grateful for the Salt Lake City office. They have helped me to feel comfortable in this new and exciting position. All of my managers and seniors have been positive influences on my overall experience at Protiviti this summer.


Enrique Professional


Office: Chicago
College/University: Northern Illinois University
Degree: Master of Accounting Science
Protiviti Solution: Internal Audit Financial Advisory – Technology

For the past three weeks, I have been working at a distribution company doing Sarbanes Oxley testing on the IT side. I have been testing IT general controls that are within the domains of security administration, operations management and change management.

When testing controls, there are signals that verify whether the controls are effective or not. Finding those signals is very satisfying to me, but the challenge is determining if the information we are given is a signal or a noise — noise being information that has no impact on the decision you are making and is really just a distraction.

On top of building the skills it takes to test controls, I have learned a great amount about communicating with clients, analyzing information for its completeness and accuracy and suggesting improvements for clients that improve their business processes. I have worked with great people and gained a lot of experience. I am very grateful that I was able to be a part of this project team.


Madison L Professional


Office: Boston
College/University: Florida State University
Degree: Double Major – Management of Information Systems and Marketing; Minor – Business Analytics
Protiviti Solution: Internal Audit and Financial Advisory – Technology

My internship experience began in Orlando, FL at the Protiviti Intern Challenge. During the challenge, Protiviti provided a training that mirrored authentic client interactions. This training was aimed at preparing us for real client work. During my time at the Challenge, I gained exposure to some of the types of documents I would later be handling during my internship, such as leadsheets and Risk and Control Matrices. With the knowledge I previously learned during my training, I was able to have a smooth transition between the Challenge and my first day at the client site. Even as an intern, I know my work has already translated into beneficial documentation that my team has been able to use during the audit process.

My client work experience has allowed me to learn and develop while traveling to various cities across the country. Over the course of the internship I have also gotten very close with my Peer Advisor and Manager. We have been traveling every other week together, allowing us to establish strong relationships with one another both inside and outside of the workplace.

At the client site, an average day involves performing walkthroughs where the clients show us step-by-step how they perform certain tasks within their company. It has been my job to ensure all walkthroughs are properly documented and the leadsheets are up to date for testing.

Although this internship is flying by, I have been able to learn so much about Protiviti, and have enjoyed every minute of it!



A Day In The Life Of A #ProtivitiIntern

Being a #ProtivitiIntern is one busy job! From client meetings to intern socials, our interns have a very full 8 weeks here at Protiviti. I recently connected with a few of our interns to ask the question “What does a day in the life of a Protiviti Intern look like?” Here are their answers…

Michelle Professional


Name: Michelle
Office: Dallas, TX
College/University: The University of Texas at Austin
Degree: Integrated Masters in Accounting Program and a minor in Finance
Protiviti Solution: Internal Audit Financial Advisory



  • 7:00AM – Leave to travel to Fort Worth (that’s where my client is)
  • 8:00AM – Arrive at my client and meet up with my project team to discuss the day’s agenda
  • 9:00AM – Phone meeting with our Protiviti colleagues in India to communicate and align goals for the project
  • 10:00AM – Walk through an internal controls meeting with the client then testing those controls until lunch
  • 12:00PM – Team Lunch to celebrate new members joining the team
  • 1:00PM – Back to work choosing samples and testing controls
  • 3:00PM – Client meeting to observe the client pulling reports for a particular control
  • 5:30PM – Leave the client and head out to attend an intern event
  • 6:00PM – Go indoor skydiving at iFly with the rest of the intern class and our peer advisors
  • 8:30PM – Impromptu intern dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant

Arnath Prof

Name: Arnanth
Office: Sydney, Australia
College/University: University of New South Wales
Degree: Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)
Protiviti Solution: Business Process Improvement


  • 8:30AM – Meet my Protiviti manager and consultant at the client
  • 9:00AM – Morning pre-meeting with my project team to discuss any matters that need to be brought up in the fortnightly status meeting with the client
  • 10:00AM – Meeting with the client’s finance team and compliance manager to discuss the status of Protiviti’s internal audit findings of their key business processes. During this meeting, I take notes and identify items that require immediate attention
  • 11:00AM – Work alongside my Protiviti consultant to review Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) controls and help draft risk-control matrices, SOPs and gap logs
  • 12:30PM – Drive to Frango’s Charcoal Chicken with the Protiviti team for an absolutely marvelous Portuguese Chicken Burger
  • 1:30PM – Meeting with the client’s Financial Controller to receive feedback / validation on our purchase to pay SOX deliverables.
  • 3:00PM – After closing off the purchase to pay process, I help my consultant draft a presentation for a training session for relevant stakeholders
  • 4:30PM – Skype call with our Protiviti Director to provide a progress update
  • 5:30PM – Head back to the city to meet the other interns and the rest of the Sydney office for dinner, drinks and karaoke

Rachel Professional

Office: Pittsburgh, PA
College/University: University of Pittsburgh
Degree: Marketing major with a concentration in Accounting and certificates in Leadership and Ethics, International Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Business Analytics.
Protiviti Solution: Internal Audit Financial Advisory


  • 7:45AM – Drive to my client, picking up a coffee along the way
  • 8:00AM – Set up at my client and touch base with my project manager about my tasks and the schedule for the day
  • 9:00AM – Morning meeting with the VP of Finance and Accounting and the Director of External Reporting to discuss the risk assessment and scope for our testing
  • 10:00AM – Generate list of action items from my morning meeting notes and send to my Project Manager
  • 10:30AM – Call with a Protiviti consultant to review procedure and guidelines for drafting test steps
  • 11:30AM – Lunch with my project manager
  • 1:00PM – Work individually to draft test steps for designated branch and corporate level controls in most recently updated Risk Control Matrix
  • 3:30PM – Check in with my iPal, Career Advisor, Executive Advisor, Recruiter, and other Protiviti mentors about project work and my progress against my internship goals
  • 4:00PM – Update Microsoft team project schedule
  • 5:30PM – Intern event with the office – Dinner and a Pirates game!


Jonathan Prof
Name: Jonathan
Office: Minneapolis, MN
College/University: Drake University
Degree: Bachelors in Information Systems with a Data Analytics minor. Currently pursuing an MBA
Protiviti Solution: Internal Audit Financial Advisory with a focus on technology

  • 6:45AM – Head to the client site
  • 7:30AM – Meet my project team at the client and prepare for the day
  • 9:30AM – Sit in on a meeting with the client’s Sr. Director for a site end user review, which is part of the SharePoint migration process
  • 10:00AM – Work individually reconciling tracking tools
  • 11:00AM – Sit in on conference call with client manager to review scheduled site cutover
  • 12:00PM – Team lunch
  • 1:00PM – Work individually running site deletion updates
  • 3:30PM – Leave for an intern event: bubble soccer at a local park
  • 6:00PM – Go out to dinner with roommates then Matt’s Bar to get a Jucy Lucy



4th Annual Intern Day of Service

Last Friday marked Protiviti’s 4th Annual Intern Day of Service. On this day, Protiviti interns all across the United States took a break from client work to give back to our communities. From sorting donations to preparing meals for those in need, our interns put Protiviti’s Promise of a Commitment to our Communities into action.

This summer 15 of our Protiviti offices packed a combined 200,000+ meals in support of Protiviti’s i on Hunger initiative. Our Atlanta, Tampa and Charlotte offices partnered with Rise Against Hunger to pack meals for their local community while our Lake Erie, Kansas City and Minneapolis offices partnered with the Ronald McDonald house to serve meals to those in need.  Our Chicago and New York offices got creative with the meal approaches. In New York our interns volunteered with Meals on Wheels and in Chicago they partnered with Blessings In A Backpack. Several offices also supported their local food banks.

The reach of our interns and our teams extended beyond just packing, delivering and feeding meals. Our Boston and Houston offices volunteered directly for local charities while our Los Angles office helped clean up Venice Beach. In St. Louis, partnering with groups such as Build a Bear, allowed our teams to get creative in their community impact.

When it was all said and done, 850 people including clients, executive team members, family, and friends, volunteered over 2,200 hours! Congratulations to all involved on such a successful day! We are very proud!