A Time For Saying Thank You

‘Tis the season of using coupons for free turkey, aisle wars for the last box of fried onion crisps, pretending to like Aunt Mary’s casserole, and your crazy cousin getting in a brawl over a football bet…or is that just my family? While some of us might be stocking up on our favorite treats and prepping to fully embrace the holiday with their crazy family, we wanted to take a moment to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all our employees.

2017 has been an amazing year thus far and we couldn’t do it without you! Not only did we reach a goal of 5 million meals packed through iOnHunger, we also successfully completed the 4th Annual Intern Day of Service which involved over 2,200 hours of volunteered work from over 850 people. More broadly, our local offices all continue to stay committed to giving back. Many examples of this work can be found by following the hashtag #ProtivitiCares. For all of this and more, we thank you for making us proud!

Employee Promotion Celebrations

Twice a year Protiviti announces our internal promotions within the firm. During this time, we take a moment to celebrate and honor our colleagues who have accomplished this exciting career milestone. Over the next several weeks we will be spotlighting some of these individuals in our #ProtivitiPromos series. However, we first wanted to share how some of our offices celebrated this exciting milestone last week.

In Houston our Managing Directors took our recent promotes out to a special lunch.

In Minneapolis, a delicious cake was ordered and served to the entire office.

In Los Angeles, Phoenix, Charlotte and Orlando, the recent promotes were honored with a champagne toast!

And in San Francisco a breakfast was served in honor of promotions.

These are just a few examples of how our offices across the globe celebrated. Follow along using the hashtag #ProtivitiPromos as we spotlight some of these outstanding individuals.

Happy Anniversary Protiviti! 15 Years of Memories!

Today we celebrate Protiviti turning 15 years old! This exciting milestone gives us a moment to pause and reflect on our firm’s history. To celebrate we have pulled together an abbreviated timeline of some memorable moments in our firm’s history. Enjoy!


  • April: Robert Half International announces intention to hire partners and other employees from Arthur Andersen’s U.S. internal audit and business risk consulting practices.
  • May:Agreement between Robert Half International and Arthur Andersen is complete, and 760 employees – including 59 Andersen partners – become Protiviti’s early employees.
  • June:Protiviti launches its “Say i to Protiviti” marketing campaign, stressing the importance of auditor independence.

say i revised

  • July: President George W. Bush signs the Sarbanes-Oxley Act into law, sparking Protiviti’s foray into what we now call SOX work.
  • October: KnowledgeLeader, our knowledge sharing site, launches.
  • Protiviti expands into non-US offices and officially commences its global footprint.


  • May: Protiviti celebrates one year in business!
  • June: Protiviti launches the SarbOx Portal to help companies improve corporate goverence portalgovernance within their organizations and achieve compliance. The tool would later evolve into today’s Governance Portal.
  • The firm continues opening offices and building our global footprint.


  • Protiviti has its first nine-figure quarter, reaching $100M in global revenue. All employees around the world receive an iPod with a commemorative inscription.



  • July: Protiviti acquires Lender Advisory Services practice from Philadelphia-based RSM McGladrey.


  • February: Protiviti acquires Canada-based Creative Options and Radius, industry leaders in loss prevention and employee communication.
  • December: Protiviti consolidates its public sector operations into wholly owned subsidiary Protiviti Government Services, which in turn acquires Alexandria-based Enspier Technologies for expanded IT offerings.
  • Offices open in seven additional locations both internationally and within the US.


  • April: Protiviti acquires PENTA and offers bankruptcy and restructuring services.
  • May: Protiviti celebrates its five-year anniversary!



  • The global financial crisis hits, impacting businesses around the world. Protiviti begins issuing the “Financial Crisis Bulletin” to provide clients information and guidance related to the economic downturn.

Global Crisis

  • Protiviti is named by BusinessWeek as a “Best Place to Launch a Career” for the 3rd consecutive year.


  • June: Cory Gunderson is the first Protiviti employee to be named to Consulting magazine’s ‘Top 25 Consultants’ list.


  • June: Protiviti hosts it’s Intern Challenge in Orlando, FL for the first time!

2010 intern class

  • Protiviti China receives the “Most Trusted Internal Control Service Provider” Award from CFO World Magazine.
  • Protiviti Japan receives the SAP Award of Excellence in the “SAP Business Objects GRC Award” category.




  • Protiviti is named for the first time by Symplicty as one of the “Best Places to Work for Recent Grads”.


  • May: Protiviti celebrates its 10-year anniversary!
  • December: Protiviti acquires SusQtech to expand the firm’s SharePoint services.
  • Protiviti is named as a “Top 100 Employer” by Diversity Employers


  • AchieversNamed to Achievers “50 Most Engaged Workplaces”
  • Protiviti continues opening offices across the globe.



  • July: First U.S. Intern Day of Service takes place in 25 locations across the country. The day totals 38,588 service hours, 47 of which come from the Houston office’s volunteer work assembling care packages for a military group serving in Afghanistan.2014 Interns Troops
  • September: Protiviti named a “Best Firm to Work For” by Consulting magazine!
  • November: Protiviti launches global i on Hunger initiative to provide one million meals for those in need.


  • Joe T CEO GlassdoorMarch: Protiviti Named to the Fortune “100 Best Companies to Work For” list for the first time!
  • June: President & CEO Joe Tarantino is named one of Glassdoor’s 50 Highest Rated CEOs.
  • June: i on Hunger reaches initial goal of delivering one million meals to hungry people around the world ahead of plan!
  • November: Protiviti acquires Decision First Technologies to expand its business intelligence and data analytics services.
  • Global quarterly revenue surpasses $200M for the first time in Q3.


  • March: Protiviti jumps up to #57 on Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list and is also named a “100 Best Workplaces for Millennials” for the second consecutive year!
  • March: i on Hunger program surpasses the two-million meal mark at the Advanced Consulting Challenge in Scottsdale.
  • October: Protiviti rolls out new brand identity including a new logo, color palette and tagline “Face the Future with Confidence”.


  • Protiviti professionals honored with prestigious awards such as 2017 Provider Pro to Know (Tony Abel), Consulting magazine’s Rising Stars (Angelo Poulikakos and Kristin Forester) and 2017 Top 25 Consultants (Brian Christensen).
  • February: Protiviti named to Fortune Magazine’s list of “Best Workplaces in Consulting & Professional Services” for the second time!
  • May: Our “i on Hunger” campaign exceeds goals and provides more than 4 million meals to the hunger!

With so much to be proud of, we can hardly wait to see what the next 15 years bring! Happy Anniversary Protiviti!

Congratulations Graduates!!

This morning I was reading a blog post from Fistful of Talent. The author of this article, Kelly Dingee, shared her 7 pieces of advice for a college graduate. With so many of you graduating and getting ready to join us full time, I wanted to pass along her words of wisdom.

Kelly’s 7 Pieces of Advice on Your Graduation:

  1. Pay yourself first. Create a 401k account as fast as you can and always, always contribute the max. Never borrow from it, not ever.  Look for employers who provide a match.
  2. Health is everything. Take care of yourself.
  3. Do good. All of us have a charity that means something to us. Give them your time. When you’re old, you can give them your money.
  4. Getting married? Learn to live on one income and bank the other.
  5. See the world.  Get some perspective.
  6. Persevere with your job search. No one expects you to land your dream job immediately. Pay your dues and do the work. It will take time, eventually, you will be where you want to be.
  7. Culture is king. You absolutely want a job that you enjoy, and that pays well. But if you don’t respect the company, like the people and want to get up every day to do your best for the good of the company, you’re in the wrong place.

As I was reading these, I smiled thinking about how Protiviti has helped me check so many of these boxes. I have volunteered, traveled, built an exciting and meaningful career, and made some incredible friendships all while working at Protiviti.

As you take a couple months off to celebrate this hard earned achievement, I’d like to add a personal piece of advice to Kelly’s list: Live in the now. It’s so easy to day dream about the next chapters of our lives. Whether it’s buying a home, getting married, starting our jobs or counting down the days until the holiday season – you can get lost in wishing for the next chapter.  You only get each moment once, so live in the now and enjoy!

Congratulations on ALL of your hard work. We can’t wait to start working with you in just a few short months!

Graduating College to Present Day



— Elizabeth Bullard
Campus Recruiting Specialist

2017 MS 150 Bike Tour

Last month our Houston office completed their 15th year as Team Protiviti in the 2017 BP MS 150 Bike Tour.

The twenty-six riders combined raised over $37,000, beating their initial goal of $30,000.  We even had 1 Protiviti team member and 1 Protiviti alumni, join 298 other individuals in the Club 300, which is comprised of the event’s top 300 fundraisers.  This is an amazing accomplishment and huge honor to be a member of Club 300 and we are very proud to have 2 of our own listed.

Now, onto the ride! Below Senior Manager Ray Inn shares his perspective on the two-day ride from Houston to Austin.

Saturday – Houston to La Grange

Members of Team Protiviti waiting to start the ride – Day 1

Saturday morning came early as alarm clocks started ringing around 4:30 AM and we made our way to the designated starting point. Around 6:45 AM we began our journey towards La Grange. We enjoyed an overcast sky and a nice tailwind for the first 20 miles; however, the wind turned into a headwind/crosswind as we made our way to the Protiviti lunch stop in Industry, TX.

Team Protiviti at the Industry, TX lunch stop.

At the lunch stop, we enjoyed burgers, cold drinks, chips, cookies, great company, and a much needed break from the ride provided by other Protiviti team members.

After lunch, we started the final 30 miles towards La Grange.  By now, the sun was starting to come out, the temperature was rising, the wind was starting to pick up, and hills were starting to take their toll. However, we stayed determined and arrived in La Grange where we enjoyed massages, snacks, and some cold drinks as we chatted about the day’s events.  After a quick shower in the luxurious mobile shower trucks, and a carb-loaded fajita dinner it was time to get some sleep and prepare for day 2.

Sunday – La Grange to Austin

As we slept, a cold front blew through the area bringing with it light rain and temperatures in the 50’s.  The rain delayed the start of the ride by an hour, but this gave us more time to eat breakfast, pack-up, and dry off our bikes.

A few members of Team Protiviti getting ready to start day 2!

The team exited La Grange around 8:45 AM to sunny skies and a mild headwind.  The wind continued to grow stronger as the team made its way to the Bastrop lunch stop.

Protiviti volunteers at the Bastop lunch stop

We were met by fellow Protiviti teammates with sandwiches, cold drinks, and the best venison sausage this side of the Mississippi.  After lunch, we started the final leg towards Austin where we faced a relentless headwind the rest of the afternoon.

The wind proved to be a strong mental and physical challenge; however, it also provided a strong sense of accomplishment as every rider made it down Martin Luther King Blvd, turned left on Congress Ave, and crossed the Finish Line with the State Capitol building coming more into view with every pedal turn.

Team Protiviti after accomplishing their incredible goal of a 150+ mile bike ride.

The finish line is truly an awesome experience! For the veteran riders, it was another bike tour accomplished. For the rookies, we hope it was the first of many more rides.

Bring Your Child To Work Day!

It was an exciting day in a collection of our Protiviti offices where we hosted Bring Your Child to Work Day events.  Our youngest future consultants joined us for a morning of education, training and fun!

In New York, we kicked off the day with story time from Managing Director, Carol Raimo…

…then helped pack meals for those in need!

In Chicago, we learned about teamwork…

..but not before taking professional photos for our work profiles.

In Los Angeles, we learned to get creative….

..and had important business meetings.

All in all, it was a very successful special day! For a complete recap of the day visit our Facebook Page or watch the video below!

The World Through #MyLens

We recently asked our employees to share a glimpse of the world through their eyes. We believe very deeply that our employees bring their whole selves to work, enabling them to do the best and most inspiring work for our clients. As a way of showcasing these diverse perspectives, we launched an internal photo contest,  #MyLens. This contest is a way for our employees to share their unique perspectives on work and life.

We received over 900 incredible submissions. After sorting through them all, our judges picked 1st and 2nd place winners in 3 different categories: nature and landscapes, cityscapes and architecture, and everyday life. Here are those winners:

Nature & Landscapes

#1: “Target Your Efforts” by Richard (Waterloo)

“I prefer candid moments to posed compositions. As a result, I often find myself wading into a cold mountain stream before sunrise, or under a liberal coating of sunscreen beneath the midday intensity of the desert sun, or lying in long grass with an insect or flower an inch from my lens. Whatever the setting, that’s where I need to be, because that’s where the shot is!”


#2: “Balloons at Sunrise” by Matt (Indianapolis)

“I took this photo when my wife and I were on a trip in Napa a couple of years ago. She is absolutely terrified of heights, and I’m not super fond of them either, but we took a leap of faith and climbed aboard a hot air balloon. I remember it was sunrise over the vineyards, and we were having an adventure. In fact, I submitted this image because it reminds me of our adventurous, young company and how we’re always trying to take on new challenges. ”

Cityscapes & Architecture

#1: “Synchronicity of Color” by Brandon (Houston)


“My personal interests draw me towards focusing mostly upon architecture and public art, infrastructure, and commerce – things that are often taken for granted, but serve as symbols of human ingenuity and creativity.”


#2: “Chicago Sunrise” by Fredrick (Chicago)

“I took this photo on my way to the office, while I was waiting on the train. I tend to take pictures to post to Instagram and Facebook to keep a record of places, food, events, and friends. I am excited to see the rebranding and to be able to tell people that Protiviti sourced from their own as part of the effort!”


Everyday Life

#1. “Streets of Toulouse” by Julia (San Francisco)

“I loved the theme of the contest and seeing how others view their world. If there ever was proof that Protiviti hires creative, engaged individuals, this is it! I think it also reminds us that we all have a lens, but we don’t have to use it the same way. It’s a reminder, whether we’re walking to work or walking along the Seine, to try and look at the world in a new way. Take a moment and glance behind you, make eye contact with a stranger, search for a reflection in a puddle, or wake up a few minutes earlier and watch the sun rise.” 


#2. “Endless Celebration” by Hirunda (Canberra)

“Capturing portraits of everyday people is something I really love. I usually take lots of photos of people whenever I travel. My friends are not very happy with it since I don’t take many pictures of the landscape and surroundings. I love capturing raw candid emotions of people. You can really tell a story just by looking through their eyes.”