Protiviti Again Named by Consulting Magazine as a Top 15 ‘Best Firms to Work For’!

Top Right -- Kickball Option.jpgWe are thrilled to announce that for the fourth consecutive year, Protiviti has been named to Consulting magazine’s exclusive global list of the top 15 “Best Firms to Work For”. We are honored to once again be named to this list and to be called out as a best firm to work for within the Financial Services service line.

“Thank you for making Protiviti the best it can be”, said President and CEO Joe Tarantino. He continued “This accolade – and all recognition that Protiviti receives – is a reflection of your passion and commitment. By living our promises every day to our people and our clients, you show the world what it means to be Living Protiviti.”

Congratulations to our entire team! To view the complete article, click here.



Farewell 2017 Interns

It’s hard to believe, but this afternoon our 2017 internship program will officially come to a close. Over the past eight and a half weeks, our interns have worked, played and volunteered with incredible tenacity. Let’s take a moment to look back on this internship and see all that our 221 summer interns have accomplished.

They attended 15 baseball gamesphoenix-2017-intern-baseball-game-4_36122060306_o

..and participated in 20 D&I themed activities. Houston

Relaxed, networked and played at 135 Social Events


… while building relationships with their 588 Advisors. 


They set over 600 Goals..


…and volunteered over 2,280 hours. 


Consumed an unknown amount of coffee


…and built strong relationships with a countless number of
recruiters, mentors, project leads, support teams and Protiviti colleagues.


Thank you to each and every intern on all of your hard work this summer! We wish you the best of luck back at school this fall!


ProPRIDE Spotlight: Patrick Luong

Last month our Executive Lead of proPRIDE shared his perspective on Pride Month and the importance of an inclusive workforce. He kicked off our summer proPRIDE series in which we are spotlighting various members of Protiviti’s internal proPRIDE employee group and their unique perspectives. Next up in the series is New York Manager and co-founder of proPRIDE, Patrick!


Outside of work, Patrick loves to travel! He is pictured above in Bali, Indonesia.

  • What is your background and path to Protiviti? “I was recruited during my penultimate semester at the University of Oklahoma. I majored in Finance and Accounting with a minor in MIS. I started at Protiviti as an Internal Audit Financial Advisory consultant on the technology side. I then went on to spend a year and a half in the same solution but on the Process side. I ultimately switched in to Business Performance Improvement. I love the flexibility this firm has afforded me!”
  • How have you been involved with the LGBTQIA+ community within Protiviti and in your personal life? “As co-founder and Chair of proPRIDE, I have been working with the proPRIDE Board and local chapter co-leads from the beginning. I help plan and implement initiatives such as AIDS Walks and achieving 100% on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index (CEI). Personally, I try to remember the challenges I faced and try my best to pass on the lessons I learned to the LGBTQIA+ individuals I come across when appropriate.”
  • Tell me a story of how you overcame an obstacle due to being LGBTQIA+ and how it has contributed to success in your career? “Being raised with Confucian values, I was taught to seek harmony as much as possible. Although this helped in a lot of areas, it was counterproductive to creating change; because change by definition is disruptive and disharmonious. Seeing that we didn’t have an LGBTQIA+ organization at Protiviti and envisioning how much value and validation that would create for others, I asked the firm for protocols on starting a new employee network group. Working closely with Philip Maziarz, proPRIDE Executive Champion, and David Black, proPRIDE Co-Founder/Vice Chair, we successfully applied for and started proPRIDE in May 2014. I think this experience has greatly shaped and strengthened my professional voice and courage.”
  • What advice would you give to individuals at Protiviti who may not feel that same confidence in their professional lives? “Take your time. We all move at a different pace. There is no right or wrong speed as we all have our different number of internal toll gates to pass through before we are ready to be our full authentic selves.”

Continue following along and join the conversation using the hashtag #proPRIDE. Stay tuned as we continue spotlighting additional #proPRIDE members and some of the dynamic things this group is doing!

#ProtivitiPromos – Meet Salima!

Twice a year we take some time to celebrate and recognize our colleagues that were recently promoted into a new role. These exciting career milestones are a big part of each employee’s Protiviti journey and a momentous accomplishment. Throughout the remainder of this month, we are going to spotlight a few of these individuals. Next up in our #ProtivitiPromos series is Salima from Charlotte!

Salima Prof

Salima is a newly promoted Risk and Compliance Manager in our Charlotte office

  • Years at Protiviti: “2 years in November!”
  • Path to Protiviti: “Prior to Protiviti I worked at Citibank for 4 years in various compliance roles. I was primarily focused on Anti-Money Laundering in Tampa, FL.”
  • Current Solution and/or Industry focus: “I work in Risk and Compliance with a focus on Anti-Money Laundering.”
  • What do you enjoy about building your career at Protiviti? “The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about what I have enjoyed about building my career at Protiviti are the people I have met along the way. I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people who have all been very encouraging and supportive of my growth and experience at the firm. Additionally, I could not have asked for a better office than the Charlotte office to start my Protiviti career. The sense of family and camaraderie within the Charlotte office makes it so easy to call home. I also enjoy having the opportunity to work with various clients and being able to apply my prior experience to assist with their needs.”
  • Who has contributed to your success or been a mentor to you during your Protiviti career?  “There are so many individuals and leaders within the company that have contributed to my success in one way or another. Being from industry with no experience in consulting, my career advisor Brendan, assisted me in making the transition smoothly. Additionally, my mentor Juan, who has also been my manager on various projects, has put me in positions to succeed by being available to answer questions and providing perspective.”
  • What advice would you give to younger consultants on how to progress their careers?: “My advice to younger consultants is to seek opportunities by reaching out to individuals within the firm. Ask questions about our solutions and seek advice on communicating with clients.”

..So what did career advisor Brendan have to say about Salima? 

“Salima came to Protiviti with a solid background in banking and anti-money laundering (AML). Since she started with us, she has proven time and again to be a reliable team leader on demanding AML projects, as well as a trustworthy mentor and source of AML knowledge for the other consultants on her projects. Salima’s promotion to manager is not only well-deserved, but just the beginning of the next phase of her bright career to come.”

Salima Fun

Outside of work, Salima enjoys exploring Charlotte with her husband and their dog (pictured above). She said she also enjoys traveling and exploring new cities with friends.  

#ProtivitiPromos – Meet Rohan!

Twice a year we take some time to celebrate and recognize our colleagues that were recently promoted into a new role. These exciting career milestones are a big part of each employee’s Protiviti journey and a momentous accomplishment. Throughout the remainder of this month, we are going to spotlight a few of these individuals. Next up in our #ProtivitiPromos series is Rohan from San Francisco!

Rohan Professional

Rohan is a newly promoted Manager in our San Francisco office

  • Years at Protiviti: “3 years.”
  • Path to Protiviti: “I interned at Protiviti in 2013 while getting an MBA and MS in Engineering Management at Cal Poly SLO. I started full time after graduation.”
  • Current Solution and/or Industry focus: “I work in ERP Solutions. My main industry experience is in manufacturing and biotechnology / pharmacy.”
  • What do you enjoy about building your career at Protiviti? “I enjoy the different projects and people I get to work with (both within Protiviti and at clients), as well as the different skill-sets I’ve been able to develop through project work. I also like that travel has been a part of my job. I’ve been lucky enough to go to some cool places through work, including Monterrey, Hong Kong, Beijing, and several US cities.”
  • What advice would you give to younger consultants on how to progress their careers?: “Don’t say no to anything early in your career. Try different things to find out what you like and then pursue those areas deeper. Don’t be shy about letting your mentors and talent management team know about the areas you’re passionate about and want to pursue. On projects, always be thinking about what you can do to not only meet your stated objectives, but also go above and beyond to provide exceptional service to your clients.”

..but what does Rohan’s career advisor, Senior Manager Ashay, have to say? 

“Rohan has been my mentee since his undergrad internship days with Protiviti. He has grown in his consultant role over the years, and has shown tremendous application of knowledge and industry best practices, from very early on. He has carved out a niche for himself particularly in the SAP GRC space and I am not surprised at the promotion. Clients love Rohan and he is an asset to our Bay Area practice. I am proud of you and good luck!”

Rohan Fun

Outside of work, Rohan enjoys playing soccer, going to the gym, traveling, spending time with his girlfriend and friends, and eating lots of good food. He is pictured above trying a local-style Beijing barbecue spot while traveling for work!

Before I was a Managing Director…

Protiviti’s internship program is one of a kind.  In my opinion, one of the most influential components of our internship is the Intern Advisor program!  Throughout the week some of our Executive Advisors shared their “Before I was a Managing Director” stories and advice they believed our interns would benefit from. Take a look below to read some more facts about our leadership team at Protiviti!

“Before I was a Managing Director, I recognized the value in relationships and professional networking.  Throughout my career, I intentionally would get to know as many people I worked with as possible, including both client and firm team members.   This has provided me significant personal and professional opportunities during my career, including the creation of long-lasting relationships that are still strong today.  Treat everyone you come across with respect, from Executive Assistants to AP Clerks to Executives, as you never know when you will run into these folks again (both personally and professionally) and celebrate their milestones (e.g., new baby, wedding, promotion, etc.).” – Martin Nash, Tampa Managing Director


“Before I was a Managing Director and before I was a partner at Arthur Andersen, I was a mom. We had Kristy when I was a senior and Carolyn when I was a Senior Manager.  My husband, Bob, a high school teacher and head basketball coach, and I figured out how to navigate work life balance managing two hectic careers while not sacrificing nurturing our young children.  Proud to say the girls turned out great and we now have four adorable and brilliant grandchildren, Benjamin, Holly, Jack and Madison!” – Nancy Pechloff, Central Region MD, St. Louis




“Before I was an MD, I was a D.  Every level is special, so soak up the experiences unique to that level.” – Steve Wang, St. Louis MD  



Gordon Braun“Before I was an MD, I was a new Consultant in the Chicago office and that had recently graduated with an English degree and was pretty insecure about my business and technology knowledge.  I remember taking notes in every meeting and copying down a long list of accounting and IT terms in the margins that I didn’t exactly understand.  I would spend time in between meetings and other assignments studying up!” – Gordon Braun, Minneapolis Managing Director


“Before I was an MD, I was probably the longest tenured “Intern Challenge” facilitator. With the exception of 2 summers, I facilitated every challenge school since 2007. I was the proud co-recipient of the ‘2016 Tyler Chase Lifetime Achievement Award’ “  – Ana Amato, Atlanta MD



Jason Roberts“Before I was an MD, I was given an opportunity at the Manager level to build a new market in Salt Lake City while living in Sacramento. We grew this market from 1 full time resource to approximately 30. As an intern, you may be given opportunities to stretch. Take advantage of those opportunities by performing research, going above and beyond by putting in the extra time and effort, and developing solid relationships.” – Jason Roberts, Salt Lake City Managing Director


Sharon Lindstrom


“Before I was an MD, I was very involved in planning social and civic events to get employees engaged outside of work. Volunteer as a way to meet people across the office and build your network!” – Sharon Lindstrom, Chicago Managing Director




— Jillian
Dallas Campus Recruiter

Jasmine’s Advice To Make Your First Year Count

In the midst of all our intern activities, there is another important thing happening here on the campus recruiting front – our full time consultants are starting! After graduating and enjoying some well deserved time off, they now getting ready to embark on their first of many Protiviti chapters.

In the spirit of new beginnings and making your first year count, New York Consultant, Jasmine Mina, shares her top 75 pieces of advice!

  1. First impressions last a long time.
  2. Always say yes. Be excited.
  3. Know your place.
  4. Believe nothing is beneath you.
  5. Don’t wait for someone else to replace the toner.
  6. Never complain.
  7. Do not envy.
  8. Help everyone no matter what!
  9. Do everything with enthusiasm.
  10. “I don’t know” is a good answer. “I don’t know, but I’ll find out” is even better.
  11. Knowing where to find an answer is often more important than knowing the answer.
  12. Never talk business in the elevator.
  13. Never promote yourself; let others promote you; promote others.
  14. Under promise and over deliver.
  15. Ask for deadlines.
  16. Be proactive; don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do.
  17. Know your limitations and ask for help.
  18. Give updates.
  19. Manage expectations.
  20. Know when form is more important than function and vice versa.
  21. Attention to detail is critical.
  22. Be perceptive.
  23. Listen carefully; read between the lines.
  24. Ask questions.
  25. Seek out greater opportunity and responsibility.
  26. Consider how you can add the greatest amount of value to the greatest number of people.
  27. Take a step back and attempt to think of the usual things in a new, different way.
  28. Be creative and pursue your curiosities.
  29. Investing your own money is one of the best ways to learn about the markets.
  30. Initiate projects that are of interest to you and of value to others.
  31. Quality is more important than quantity.
  32. Seek out mentors and sponsors – choose them wisely.
  33. Be teachable.
  34. Build relationships.
  35. Some of the most overlooked people are the most helpful.
  36. Treat everyone with respect.
  37. Be humble.
  38. Befriend everyone, but don’t brown nose.
  39. Make an extra effort to build relationships with those whom you find difficult.
  40. Be a sponge.
  41. If your colleagues want you to succeed, it will be difficult to fail.
  42. Never discuss your compensation with your colleagues.
  43. You reap what you sow.
  44. Build your relationships broadly.
  45. Be a relationship builder; introduce people to one another.
  46. Write thank you notes.
  47. Be reliable.
  48. Be approachable.
  49. Share information, resources and insights.
  50. If someone needs to be corrected, do it privately.
  51. Communicate effectively.
  52. Know your audience.
  53. Be concise.
  54. Utilize technology.
  55. The candidates you recommend reflect on you.
  56. Appearances are important.
  57. Keep a toothbrush and toothpaste in your desk.
  58. Nothing substitutes for a good night’s rest.
  59. It is much easier to dress inappropriately on casual day.
  60. Unethical behavior is unforgivable.
  61. If you see something suspicious, tell someone about it.
  62. Know and practice compliance procedures.
  63. Be honest with your colleagues and yourself.
  64. Live a balanced life.
  65. A successful life is more important than a successful career.
  66. Set your priorities and have the discipline to live by them.
  67. Care for your family.
  68. Refresh your Microsoft skills.
  69. Always double check your work.
  70. Take ownership.
  71. Be a strategist.
  72. Make mistakes and learn from them.
  73. Leverage your resources.
  74. Communicate with management.
  75. Be a team player.

Jasmine & some of her peers at TCC!

Some of the New York Consultants at a client event in the Big Apple!